Thursday, December 20, 2012

Witnessing Myself

Once I walked, from dawn to dusk, to a school located in remote hill region of Chitwan, and back home in town. As I walked briskly in the morning with energy and vigor, it took me little less than 5 hours to get to the school. But upon returning, I spent more than 6 hours walking under the sun that took a full toll on my body. I could feel the pain under my feet. That pain gradually moved upward in ultra slow motion from feet to ankle, to leg, and to the knees. I could clearly feel the pain ascending up as if I was a witness to what is happening to my body. I realized that sense of pain is one thing because it is certainly painful, whilst witnessing the pain is completely a different thing, an awakening experience. The witnessing the pain made fun of my misery. I was saying to myself, “See, what pain is? You could have stayed in the village and come back tomorrow. Now you well deserve this suffering.” Well, I was determined on my mission and I knew exactly what I needed to do, for my mind is active and aware of the situation.