Friday, May 31, 2013

Dance In Trance

Ghatu Nach, a typical Gurung dance, is popular in the remote Gurung communities of Nepal. It is performed not only for fun and entertainment, but also for the charm and mysticism that is associated with this unique cultural show.The ghatusari’, the dancers, bodily gesture is predominant in the dance. The dancers move their body and hands gracefully in complete trance for a whole day with their eyes closed following the songs sung by guruaama, the lady teacher.

Ghatu is organized every year on Chandi Purnima, the full moon day which falls on the last week of May, in many parts of Chitwan district where Gurung community is predominant. Among them, Chandibhanjyang, some 5 hours uphill walk from the Prithvi Highway (either from Kalikhola or Jalbire), is a typical Gurung village where Ghatu is organized in full swing that attracts numerous spectators from nearby villages.