Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lost Rhino

Shreeram, operation in charge of United Elephant Co-operative Ltd, Sauraha, invited me to have elephant safari with him into Baghmara Community Forest in search of rhino which is becoming elusive in the forest recently.

He informed me that rhino has not been sighted for almost 10 days in Baghmara Community Forest and adjoining Chitrasen Community Forest. But, it used to be seen commonly just a month ago. It is a worry for private elephant entrepreneurs who are organizing the elephant back safari for the visitors.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Health Program In Gadi

With full of passion and enthusiasm to help rural people of Nepal, 5 French volunteers (Ophelie, Eddine, Khalil, Rafik and Camille) arrived in Upardang Gadi, the beautiful hill village of Chitwan, in mid monsoon.

During 3 weeks of their stay, they helped people to build 15 smoke-less stoves, 15 simple-pit latrines and also distributed the basic medicines (paracetamol, antiseptics, tapes and bandages) to school such that people would have easy access to basic treatment.