Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coffee Training For Farmers

Organic coffee plantation training for farmers was held in Upardang Gadi on January 23 and 24, 2012. Kulchandra Adhikari, professional coffee trainer and farmer of Begnas, Kaski conducted the training in Upardang Gadi Primary School for some 36 farmers of Gadi and its surrounding villages.

Organic Coffee Project, initiated by Books for Nepal and Soleil-Vert (France), intends to do the trial plantation initially in Upardang Gadi that aims commercial coffee farming for economic development of the region.

Debt Of Meat

People have easy access to variety of meat in city and town. Freshly slaughtered goat and buffalo can be seen in meat shops where customers could purchase required quantity. Consumption of processed meat is also increasing among the city dwellers.

But people in remote villages do not have such opportunity. You could not find even small grocery shops in most hill villages. They all rush down to nearest town for buying or selling things.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Helicopter In Historic Upardang Gadi

Once it was wildest dream for common Nepalis to fly on helicopter as it is too costly to charter it. Helicopter had been prerogative of the exclusive class of royals, militaries, politicians and foreigners.

But now people can enjoy such privilege. Ratnanagar Mahotsab (exhibition) has provided the opportunity for people to fulfill their dream. The first event of this kind in Chitwan, helicopter program allowed people to fly sky high to have aerial view of important sites: Devghat, Chitwan National Park and Siraichuli. They also landed on Upardang Gadi (alt: 1275 m.), the first district headquarters of Chitwan, to observe ancient fort, know its archaeological importance and get the first-hand information of rich cultural diversity of the region.