Friday, October 28, 2011

Chestnut In A Decade

There are plenty of chestnut trees (Nepali: katus) in the mix forest of Chitwan hills. Other deciduous tree species include chilaune, jamuna, mauwa, saur etc. Leaves of katus are locally used to make roof while timber has been used to build house and make furniture.

However its fruit holds the significance as it is widely consumed by people. They eat chestnut either raw or roasted but the roasted one is more delicious. Chestnut is one of the important ingredients in the festival of Tihar. Local people sell chestnut in nearby market as there is huge demand of chestnut during this time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make New Friends

Sitting on wheelchair in his musical lab in Bagbazar, my friend Rajkumar Malakar, a classical guitar instructor, was explaining the horrific incidence of the recent earthquake that shook whole country. First computer and its accessories trembled followed by swinging movement of the building and he rushed down to the street. In open and spacious space, he found himself surrounded by people from all walks of life: businessmen, servicemen, police, armies, laborers, technicians, professionals, drivers and leaders.