Friday, February 19, 2010

Makawanpur Gadi: Last Resort Of Sen Dynasty

Archaeological sites proclaim the past history of the nation. There are many forts built at the strategic locations of the country by many rulers in various era to defend itself from the enemies.

Makawanpur Fort (alt. 1035 m.), which is about 15 km east from Hetauda, was built by Tula Sen during 17 century.

Before unification, the country was divided into 22-24 small states ruled by different rulers. Prithvi Narayan Shah, king of Gorkha, took initiative to unify Nepal and launched the first major attack in Makawanpur in 1962 A.D. and defeated Digbandhan Sen, who was his brother-in-law, in the intense battle.


Situated at the ridge of the Mahabharat Range, Makawapur Fort has been built by sturdy stone wall with openings in all directions to fire cannons.

Interior of Palace

Deep canal surrounds the fort such that nobody dare to intrude the fort. Ruined palace of Sen dynasty is situated at the middle of the fort. A temple lies at the side of the palace where people worship Lord Krishna. There are two big pits at two opposite corner of the fort, that were probably used to store drinking water.

Pit for Water Storage

A small fort is located about 800 m. north-west from the main fort, which was probably built to protect the main fort and the palace.

Smaller Fort

As the fort stands at the summit of the hill, panoramic view of diverse pattern of landscape below is really spectacular. The dirt road, passing through the forest, goes up to the entrance of the fort. Historical significance of the fort augmented by wonderful sceneries and easy accessibility has made this site major attraction for many visitors. But, surprisingly, there is no information for the visitors who want to know more about the history of the fort and palace.

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