Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slacklining In Chitwan Hills

Some French volunteers are now in Upardang Gadi to help the rural communities in health and agriculture sectors. Monsoon is in full swing and there is lots of rain this year, especially in the hills. Despite the inhospitable weather and blood-thirsty leeches, volunteers are focused in their work.

Apart from the work, they are also enjoying slacklining, the sport of walking on the flat nylon rope tentioned between the two anchor points.

Thomas found the idyllic place just below the fort between the rows of tree lines that overlooks the splendid view of the Chitwan Valley down below.

Seeing Thomas and Mathieu slacklining so easily, I tried it being little complacent. With right foot on slackline, I abruptly jumped on it but it at once sprang me on the air and I banged on the ground twisting the wrist, but luckily not much damage done except few bruises.

Next day there were more people to enjoy the new sports. Local people also tried slacklining with the instructions from volunteers. It was really a great fun to watch people fell ackwardly.

After initial hiccups, Milan and Kale did pretty well as they moved forward couple of steps on the taut rope.  

Ammar, the oldest man in the group, also tried it but in vain. His funny expression made people laugh. But he vowed to do well next time.


  1. Hello,
    I`m a French volunteer who was present during this day and it was a very good day we enjoyed a lot the slacklining. It was a lot of fun and representative of our time in Gadi: full of laugh.
    Thanks to the 3 agriculture volunteers and villagers we shared a good moment of happiness.
    Thank you

    Eddine B. aka Kangsar Bai

  2. hello ,
    i was there that day , i really enjoyed the game everybody had a lot of fun , that day and the time i stayed at Uperdan gadi was just wonderful and exciting , people was really nice.
    to finish i just wanna thank Rupen for what he is doing for the village and everything he done for our project.
    Rafik Gounane