Monday, June 13, 2011

Food Program In Kolar School

Food Program was organized in Shree Mahakali Rastriya Prathamik Bidhyalaya, Kolar (Kolar School). This year, Books for Nepal with financial support from Global Action Coalition has started the food program in two new primary schools in Chitwan hills (Kolar and Dihitar School).

Kolar School, lies in Shaktikhor VDC, is about 2 hours of uphill walk from Shaktikhor. Some 90 students (all are Chepang) are studying in this school.

As a representative of Books for Nepal, I informed about the food program to the teachers, students, school management committee members and local people. Support from everyone is sought for the effective implementation of the program.

Kusum Bahadur Praja, president of School Management Committee, thanked the organizers for this program which would be helpful for physical and mental development of the students. Then, memorandum of understanding has been signed between Books for Nepal and School Management Committee.

All the participants helped to distribute food (satu) to the students. Students mixed satu, sugar and water properly which they found delicious. They themselves washed the dishes after eating satu.
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