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Progress Of 'Books for Nepal'

Books for Nepal, a non-governmental and not-for-profit making organization, has been registered in District Administration Office, Chitwan (Regd. No. 067/68/3) on July 20, 2010 and in Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (Regd. No. 30318) on July 25, 2010 with aim to support schools and students especially in rural hill region of Chitwan district for their educational development. It also involves in the health, sanitation, environment conservation and awareness programs with the mutual understanding and cooperation of like-minded organizations.

Books for Nepal is organizing various programs: food program, school support program, coffee program, school art program and volunteer program to achieve its objectives.
Food Program
Books for Nepal is feeding satu (powder form of roasted cereals: maize, wheat, chickpea and soybean) to students of hill schools, mainly Chepang kids who do not get nutritious food because of economic condition of the family.
The main objective of this program is to assist students for their educational performance through their physical and mental development. It is hoped that students could focus on their studies fully when healthy food is provided to them. Specific objectives of the program are: 1) to provide healthy and hygienic food to students in school during their break. 2) assist them in their education. 3) observe, inspect and analyze their educational improvement along with physical and mental development.
With the financial support from Global Action Coalition (US), Books for Nepal is doing food program in 7 primary schools: Kirantar, Pokhari and Surkhandi School in Korak VDC, Upardang Gadi and Kape School in Dahakhani VDC, Kolar School in Shaktikhor VDC and Dihitar School in Lothar VDC. Total 758 registered students are being fed satu in their schools days except Friday.
School Support Program
Proper school environment is important for the educational development of the students. Books for Nepal implemented the School Support Program in Upardang Gadi School with the support from Soleil-Vert, France and in Chandibhanjyang School with support from Global Action Coalition and Ms. Marlyse Gohl, Switzerland.
Fencing around school compound, painting of school buildings and library setup programs have been done in Upardang Gadi School. Some 30 set of desks and benches for class 9 and 10 have been provided to Chandibhanjyang School.
Coffee Program
Local people do traditional farming in the hills and the yield is generally not sufficient for whole year round. Local economy can be uplifted with the development of agriculture sector with improved farming practices. It is hoped that organic coffee plantation will be successful in Upardang Gadi area as its climate and altitude is suitable for this crop and it also help to protect environment as it needs additional trees in coffee garden for shade. With these objectives, Books for Nepal with support from Soleil-Vert initiated the coffee program in Gadi as trial basis.
Some four farmers of Gadi received the 2-days of coffee training in Begnas, Kaski during last week of January, 2011. They brought some 40 coffee seedlings and planted in Gadi in four different sites, which are good except in one site. Books for Nepal has also set up coffee nursery in Gadi. Coffee seedlings are good so far which will be distributed to farmers before monsoon next year. 
School Art Program
Rob Rowen, president of Global Action Coalition, envisioned art exchange program among schools in US and Nepal/Chitwan that would provide the opportunity for students of two countries to share their feeling through pictures. It is hoped the school partnership would be helpful for sharing knowledge and experience that would be instrumental for educational development in Nepal.
School Art Program was organized in Kirantar School on March 23, 2011, Kolar School on May 4, 2011 and Pokhari School on May 25, 2011 and the beautiful arts depicted by students were sent to US.
Volunteer Program
As Books for Nepal recognizes the importance of volunteers’ support in social and educational development, it accepts volunteers who are willing to work in these programs. In cooperation of Soleil-Vert, Books for Nepal assisted 3 agricultural volunteers (France) for their study on coffee project and general agricultural practices in Chitwan hills. They worked in Nepal (Chitwan, Pokhara, Syanja and Kathamndu) for 3 months since July 13, 2011.
ASIEMBO volunteers (France) also helped villagers to construct 15 smoke-less stoves, 15 simple pit latrines and provided general medicines to local people in Upardang Gadi and its surrounding areas. Five health volunteers worked there from July 19 to August 9, 2011.
Financial Statement
Books for Nepal keeps financial statement on generally accepted accounting principle that is audited by registered auditor immediately after the end of fiscal year for the greater accountability and transparency. Book for Nepal has received grant support from Mr. Hemu Adhikari, Global Action Coalition (US), Soleil-Vert (France), Ms. Marlyse Gohl for food program, school support program and coffee program. All these programs have been approved by Social Welfare Council. Properties of the organization includes: laptop (Gateway), digital camera (Sony), hazari and punching machine.
Fund accountability statement for fiscal year 2067/2068 (July 20, 2010 - July 16, 2011). Amount in NPR.
Food Program


Gadi School


Kape School


Pokhari School


Kirantar School


Surkhandi School


Kolar School


Dihitar School

School Support Program

Gadi School
Chandibhanjyang School
Coffee Program
Dahakhani-1, Gadi
Admin Expenses

Bank Interest


Books for Nepal would like to thank all the organizations/individuals for their tremendous support for these projects and it looks forward to working together in mutual cooperation and understanding in future as well. Books for Nepal recognizes and appreciates invaluable services of all the volunteers in agriculture, health and sanitation programs.

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