Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweater Distribution In Schools

Books for Nepal distributed warm sweaters to some 186 students of Kirantar School and to 173 students of Pokhari School with financial support from Global Action Coalition.

The sweater distribution program has been held recently in respecive schools in presence of parents of students, teachers, members of school management committee and representatives of different organizations. Children are happy to wear new and warm sweaters.
Shree Rastriya Prathamik Bidhyala Kirantar (Kirantar Primary School) is located in Korak V.D.C., Ward No. 5, Chitwan. Kirantar, some 8 km north from the Mahendra Highway, is small village lying beneath the giant hills. Most of the students are Chepang (Praja).

 Sweater distribution in Kirantar School

Shree Rastriya Prathamik Bidhyala, Pokhari (Pokhari Primary School) is located in Korak V.D.C., Ward No. 8, Chitwan. Pokhari is about 4 hours of uphill walk from Birendranagar (Mahendra Highway). Total 173 students are studying in class 1 to 5 including sisu (nursery). Most students are Chepang in both schools.
 Kirantar School
Chepang people live their subsistence life from the agriculture (maize, barley, millet, junelo) that is not sufficient for whole year round. So, they depend on wild foods (githa, bhyakur, choya, tyaguna) during Fagun (February/March) to Asar (June/July). When parents go to jungle to search for wild foods, elder children have to stay in the house to look after their younger siblings and do household work.

 Pokhari School

They generally do not have warm clothes so they stay close to fire in the kitchen during winter. This will risk their life. These economic hardships have severe impact on the education of the children.
 Pokhari School
Students could focus on their study fully when they feel warm and secured during cold season. School management committee, teachers and parents of students thanked organizers for initiating this program and they are all hopeful that this will help students for their educational improvement.

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