Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Python In Trouble

Today, a python was seen in Bharandhabar jungle at the side of the highway about 200 m. ahead from Tikauli checkpost.

Passers-by, mainly drivers and passengers swarmed in jungle to have a glimpse of this rare creature and there was sudden traffic jam on the road.

Someone dragged the snake by tail from the bush and they began to tease and intimidiate it that made the snake aggressive. From the crowd, some shouted, "kill it !" while others yelled "do not kill it !".

To protect it from further hassle and injury, I immediately informed the incidende to Hem Subedi (nature guide and conservationist) and he contacted the park authority (Chitwan National Park). They despatched the message to nearby checkpost to take necessary action. It is came to know that forest security guards took care of the python that was later released in safe place in Bharandhabhar jungle.

Python (Python molorus) is nationally protected species.

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