Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunrise From Siraichuli

The eastern horizon is glowing with brilliant crimson color. Thin horizontal red linings are prominent at the backdrop of blue sky just above the giants hills.
These hills are dwarfed by the massive mountain range at the northern front. Panoramic view of Ganesh Himal, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna South, Gaurishankar, Himchuli, Numbur and Machhapuchhre from the top of the Siraichuli is really breathtaking.

Below the hills, sea of white clouds have engulfed the valley. The forest, silhouetted against the radiant horizon, looks calm and beautiful. The color and texture of the artistic display at the horizon change gradually with every passing moment.
Brilliant red color changes into orange while the red linings become more thicker. As the red color fading away, the obscure round object is visible just above the hill. The round object gradually turns into sun emitting bright light.
With touch of first ray, the golden color is reflected from the mountains. Forest suddenly becomes vibrant as birds start chirping with warmth and light. The sunrise at Siraichuli is spectacular. The entire scenery looks beautiful and elegant. There is no word to describe the utter beauty of nature.

Me and four French volunteers headed to Jyandala from Shaktikhor to view sunrise from Siraichuli. It was nice uphill walk up to Latauli village from where we followed the ridge of the many hills to get beneath the steep hill. It was pretty tough to walk the steep hill. While walking on such vertical path, you would wonder whether any village exist on the top. The path goes to left direction horizontally almost from the top of that hill. This way led us to another hill. Now, we had to walk other side of this hill. As the angle of view changed, series of giant hills were visible on our right.
When we arrived Jyandala village, it was almost dark. Though they were unaware of our visit, the host family welcomed us with warm tea, provided delicious dalbhat and the good space to sleep.
We headed to Siraichuli early in the morning while it was still dark. We followed the steep path with the help of torch light that led us to Siraichuli (height: 1945 1973 m.).

There is railing of iron pipes on both sides of the ridge for the protection of visitors. Just below the top, there is small temple. From the top, entire mountain range and giant hills were visible.

The gentle breeze before the dawn, made us shivering with cold but we were dazzled by breathtaking scenery. It was indeed amazing feeling to view the spectacular sunrise from Siraichuli.

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