Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Visit To Blind School

Blinds see the world as dark but not their hope, future and aspirations. During our visit to Jhuwani Secondary School, we observed blind students reading and writing the Braille letters immaculately. Touching the dots with the finger tips on the white paper, they read the text fluently.
There are 21 students who are studying at different grades in this Blind Education Section. Primary level students are learning how to read and write Braille letters while higher level students study in their respective class among normal students. Their text books have been converted into Braille letters. They are provided the food and accommodation in the hostel that is adjacent to the school with nominal support from the government. This is the only blind school in the eastern Chitwan.

Jhuwani School Management Committee is planning to construct a building for other blind people as well. All the facilities will be provided in the building where they live, learn income generating skills and work.
These blind students when they talk, laugh and play with their colleagues, you never realize that they are physically disabled. These differently able students deserve our love and sincere appreciation.

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