Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year In Upardang Gadi

I used to make resolution prior to every new year. But, these new year resolutions were hardly accomplished. So, I give up even thinking about it. However, I plan to celebrate this new year in new environment among friends with lots of fun. What could be better place than Upardang Gadi? The unique hill area lies beneath the historic fort surrounded by Magar, Gurung and Chepang communities.

Friends were really excited listening our plan. But many of them were busy and could not involve in this tour. It turned out to be eight people who made their way to Gadi. Though weather was little unfriendly, we all enjoyed the uphill walk through forests, villages and rough terrains. Spectacular views of the Chitwan Valley was covered by the mist. But it was not missed so much as cracking jokes shared during brief stopover added much flavor in the trip.

Chill ran through our body but was subsided by warm welcome of local people with millet rakshi. Gradually winter cloud engulfed the beautiful Upardang Gadi village, the first district headquarters of Chitwan (altitude 1275 m.). Camp fire was set up to compete with cold. Evening was lovely as we all enjoyed the singing and dancing around the fire.

Locals also amply supported us singing traditional dohori songs. Ranjan's breath-taking songs impressed all and Buddhi's caricature was really entertaining. Sanju was busy taking pictures of every moment. Past is gone, nobody could redo it. Future is yet to come, nobody knows about it. Present is this very moment. Happy moment. As the hour strikes, we all cheered up to welcome new year with blessings of peace and prosperity for all.

Last year, when I visited this place for the first time, I was really fascinated by the natural beauty, historic fort, diverse cultures, but, equally saddened by economic hardship of people. They are indeed deprived of mainstream development as they lack basic facilities: health, education, electricity etc. However, there is glimmer of hope to uplift the local economy if such potential is exploited promoting tourism in this area. It has been already started to some extent. This area is a part of trekking route that leads to Siraichuli (altitude: 1945 m.) which is renowned for the breath-taking sun-rise viewing. Anyone who visits Gadi enjoys decent home stay facilities.

Our tour intends to promote tourism in Gadi, Siraichuli and other trekking destinations of Chitwan. Though our team was small, it is just a beginning. We plan to organize the new year and any such events in bigger scale now onward with everyone's effort and support.

There is early sun-rise in the hill.

Below the giant hills, the white cloud covered the Chitwan Valley that resembles the great ocean.

With morning tea, we all headed to the historic fort that is just five minute walk from the village. Everyone delighted by splendid and sturdy fort that was built early 1800 A.D. by Shatrubhanjan Shah, grandson of Prithvi Narayan Shah to defend the invasion from south. Architectural engineering was remarkable as the fort is built by giant stones and lime. There are nine openings in every directions to fire cannons. The fort is located in strategic place so that whole Chitwan Valley in the south and mammoth hill and mountains in the north are visible.

Coincidently this first blog was written in new year. However I will make sure it won't be the new year resolution.
(Photos by: Sanju Shrestha)


  1. Never think to be there with you yaar, great,memorable and unfogotable

  2. Never think to be there with you Yaar.That was great,memorable n unforgotable.......