Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ratnanagar Mahotsab About To Kick Off

Like many terai districts, Chitwan is also witnessing overcast condition for a week or so leaving its denizens in utter cold. In the gloomy day, however, some people are toiling hard to set up things in preparation for Ratnanagar Mahotsab 2066 that will begin from January 11.

Ratnanagar Mahotsab, the grand exhibition, is jointly organized by Ratnanagar Chambers of Commerce and Ratnanagar Municipality in every 2 years. The Mahotsab intends to promote local products, tourism and cultural heritage of Chitwan.

The fair focuses on agriculture, tourism, auto, housing and land, education and information technology. Under agricultural fair, special focus has been given in promotion of fish and banana this year. Delicious cuisines of fish and banana will be prepared by the specialist cooks to serve the palate of many visitors. There will be cultural programs and exhibitions of many ethnic communities: Tharu, Chepang, Magar, Tamang and Musahar. District level badminton competition is also organized within the venue to attract sports fans.

The Mahotsab is being organized in Tikauli Chaur (ground) that is adjacent to the Mahendra Highway and Barandabhar jungle corridor. Previous Mahotsabs had been organized in the play-ground of Nepal Higher Secondary School at the heart of Tandi Bazar. As the area of the play-ground is not sufficient, the Mahotsab has been shifted to Tikauli. Thikauli Chaur is large enough to accommodate some 400 stalls, program stage, badminton court and spacious children park. As the program venue is surrounded by dense jungle and stream, the location is really alluring that attracts thousands of spectators. Tikauli Chaur has also been proposed for construction of regional stadium. Organizers are hopeful that the ground gets further attention in its pursuit to become the first stadium in Chitwan. Let's hope sports will be played in the stadium and not the politics !

Organizers are little worried about the adverse weather. Let's hope the weather will improve soon, not only for the success of the Mahotsab but also for the well-being of human and all living creatures.

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