Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smile In Faces

In the darkness, their faces illuminated with joy and excitement when local people saw their own photos in the laptop screen. There is no electricity in Upardang Gadi village and its surrounding areas, so any opportunity to see the movies or photos in the electronic devices is rare for many hill people. During this photo-show, they were looking the photos that were taken during Chhour.
Chhour is a cultural event conducted for adolescent boys of Magar and Gurung communities. These communities believe that their sons remained animal until Chhour is conducted. After Chhour, they will be transformed into human from animal and they will become eligible for marriage (

I was present during this interesting cultural event, and I took several photos of the every moment. I promised them to send the photos, but obviously it is costly to print hundreds to photos. I thought for giving cd to them, but there is no use of it where there is no electricity and no electronic devices. So, I carried my laptop all the way to Gadi during the new year program (see the blog below) and showed them their photos. The battery backup is not longer in my laptop but fortunately it was just enough to play all the photos in quick succession.
Next morning, little kids in the the village were talking about the photo-show, "Ye Shanti ! Did you see my photo in the computer?”

(Photos by: Sanju Shrestha)

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